Accessing E-Tickets

E-tickets do not need to be printed. You simply need to display a barcode for entry into the auditorium. 

E-tickets can be found in the inbox of the email provided when purchasing your tickets. In your inbox please search for "Glen Street Theatre" and to access your tickets please click "Click here for your tickets" or "Print my ticket" or similar. You can then download your tickets to your Google Wallet or Apple Wallet.

If you are re-directed to your Glen Street Account, you will need to log in to view your barcodes. Please use the email and password you provided when purchasing your tickets. Once logged in you can open your e-ticket and generate a barcode for scanning. All patrons must have a barcode for scanning to enter the auditorium.

Step 1: Login or sign up here using your email.

Step 2: Once logged in go to the menu in the top right hand corner and select 'My Ticket Inventory' and click 'Home'.

Step 3: Find your event and click your seats to generate a barcode for scanning. 

Step 4: Have your barcode ready -- Wi-Fi and internet reception is limited in the foyer. Take a moment to load your ticket before entering.

Booking Tickets

You can book online, over the phone or by visiting Glen Street Theatre. 

We accept payment by credit card (VISA, MasterCard or AMEX), cheque, cash or gift vouchers. Transaction charges apply with phone, counter and internet transactions.

Companion Cards, Accessibillity Seating, Hearing Loops & Captions


Do you offer Companion Card discounts?
Glen Street Theatre supports the NSW Companion Card Program. As conditioned by the program, The NSW Companion Card program is for people with significant and permanent disability who have a lifelong need for a high level of care to participate in community events and activities. The Companion Card allows a person’s carer free entry into participating venues and events.


How do I book accessible or wheelchair seating?
Please call 9470 5913 or book over the counter between 10 am and 4 pm on weekdays. To ensure that the correct seating is selected, access bookings cannot be made online. 

I have mobility issues but do not need a wheelchair platform. Where is the best place for me to sit?
As the theatre is tiered, most rows require either going down or up a few stairs. Row L is the only row that does not require any stairs and is the second back row in the theatre. We recommend Row L if you struggle with stairs. Our back Row (Row M) is a single step up.

Do you have accessible facilities available?
Yes. We have two accessible bathrooms and wheelchair seating provided for every show.

Are there railings?
There are railings on the very edge of the theatre along both walls. There are no railings in the centre aisles of the theatre. 


What is a hearing loop?
A hearing loop is a loop that surrounds the theatre. This loop allows the receivers we have available at the front desk to pick up anything that the performers are saying. These devices are useful for anyone who may be hearing impaired or would like to hear the performance a bit more clearly.

What is a T-Switch and do I need it to use the hearing loop device?
A T-Switch is a switch located on the side of a hearing aid. This switch is necessary to use the hearing loop device, as it allows the sound to come through your hearing aid. If your hearing aid does not have this switch we also have headphones available at the front counter.

What are captioned performances?
On-stage dialogue is projected in real-time on plasma screens on either side of the stage. 

Refunds & Exchanges

Can I get a refund?
Glen Street Theatre tickets are purchased under a no refund or exchange policy. In some instances, such as cancelled events, refunds for performance tickets may be payable in accordance with the Live Performance Ticketing Code of Practice. The Live Performance Ticketing Code of Practice can be found here.

Our terms and conditions relating refunds, credits and exchanges due to Covid can be found here.

Can I exchange my ticket/s?
Glen Street Theatre tickets are purchased under a no refund or exchange policy. Exchanges of tickets, or the replacement of lost, stolen or missing tickets may be permitted under certain conditions and fees may apply. Please contact us on 9470 5913 to assist you.

You may be able to exchange your tickets online. Please see here for more details.

Group Bookings & School Bookings

Please visit here for Group Booking information.

Click here for more information about Vacation Care, Primary and Secondary school bookings.

Attending with Children & Infants

Can my baby sit on my lap?
Children up to the age of 18 months are free of charge if seated on the lap of an adult. Children aged 18 months and over must have a ticket purchased for them. We understand that attending a show with small children can be a stressful experience. If your child becomes unsettled or needs to leave the performance, our ushers will be able to help you out of the auditorium and let you back in at a suitable time. If you have any queries about the suitability of a show for children, please check with Glen Street staff.

Can I take a pram with me into the auditorium?
Prams and strollers cannot be brought into the auditorium to ensure all aisle and exit paths are clear in the case of an emergency. Prams may be left in the foyer, although we kindly ask that all valuables are removed and taken with you. Bassinets or capsules that can be detached from the pram can be taken inside the auditorium.

Do you provide booster seats for children?
Yes. These are available on a first come, first serve basis. Booster seats can be collected outside Door A and Door B in the foyer before entering your chosen performance.

Food & Drinks

Is there a restaurant inside the theatre?
Drinks and light snacks are available at the bar 1 hour prior to any performance. We do not currently have a restaurant operating in the theatre. Glenrose Village Shopping Centre across the road also offers a range of food and beverage options. 

Please note, it is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or obtain alcohol for, anyone under 18.

Are food and drink permitted in the theatre?
Yes. Drinks and snacks purchased from the theatre bar may be brought into the auditorium. Food from a different outlet is also allowed into the auditorium however hot food and beverages without lids are not permitted. Glen Street Theatre is a licensed venue and no outside alcohol is to be consumed or brought onto the premises. 

Parking & Public Transport

Where can I park?
There are two parking areas next to the theatre (entry via Glen Street) which include some disabled parking spots. Parking can be found by either entering behind the theatre (opposite Glenrose Village Shopping centre) or via the entry directly outside Glen Street Theatre (opposite Caltex). Free street parking is also available nearby the theatre.

Bus Routes
You can find more information on bus routes and public transport here

Gift Vouchers

You can purchase a Gift Voucher online for $50, $100, $150, $200 or $250. If you prefer to choose a different amount, call 9470 5913 to purchase a voucher for any amount you wish. Please note that Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase. Transaction charges may apply if purchasing a Gift Voucher online or over the phone. To purchase tickets using a Gift Voucher, please call our Box office team on 9470 5913.

Best Seats to Choose

Where is the best place for me to sit?
Glen Street only has 13 rows and the entire theatre is tiered so most seats have a fantastic view, however we do have a few helpful notes about choosing your seats below. 

Rows A & B
These rows are slighly below stage level as we have a raised stage.

Row C
This Row is the first Row at stage level. 

Row M (Back Row)
This Row requires patrons to take a single step-up and can only be accessed from one side (Seat 14 side).

Row L
This is the only row that does not require any stairs and is the second from back row in the theatre. We recommend Row L if you struggle with stairs. 

Running Late

If I am running late, can I still watch the performance?
Yes. In some cases, there may be a lockout which requires staff to wait a certain amount of time after the show has started before we are able to open the doors and allow patrons to enter the theatre. Ushers and staff will be able to communicate this to you once you have arrived at the theatre and will help you enter the theatre as soon as possible.

Dance School FAQs

Why is the performance sold out?

Glen Street Theatre has capacity for 400 patrons and complies with capacity, WHS and fire regulations. Unfortunately Glen Street Theatre is not licensed for any standing room and cannot accommodate patrons in the theatre without a valid seat. All egress paths including stairs and corridors must be kept clear at all times in case of emergency.

Why are there empty seats when this performance was sold out?

Some patrons may wish only to stay to watch one or two performances before exiting the Theatre. In compliance with capacity, WHS and fire regulations, we cannot allow patrons without a valid ticket to enter the theatre. We also cannot re-sell a patrons previously purchased ticket.

Why can I not just pop in and stand at the back to watch my child/school perform?

All patrons that have purchased tickets are there to see their child perform, even if only in one item. In compliance with capacity, WHS and fire regulations, we cannot allow patrons without a ticket to enter the theatre and are not licensed for any standing room.

Why are staff asking me to present my ticket upon entry?

It is the responsibility of our staff at Glen Street Theatre to ensure that all patrons have a valid ticket for entry before they are permitted into the auditorium. This is to ensure that every patron in attendance is accounted for.

Why can’t my children just sit on the stairs or in my lap?

All children over the age of 18 Months, must be seated in a seat. This is to prevent a poor viewing experience for other paying patrons and to ensure the safety and security of all patrons in the auditorium. All egress paths (including stairs) must be vacant at all times in case of emergency.

Why can I not film my child perform?

In accordance with Live Performance Australia Legislation, photos or video of children must not be taken without the explicit permission of the child (if 15 years of age or older) and their parent, carer or legal guardian, and relevant management. Patrons will be asked to leave if they do not cease filming or photography of the performance.

Why can I not film the screen in the foyer?

Glen Street Theatre has copyright laws that prevent the filming of performers through the streamed live feed. If patrons are filming the screen, they will be asked to leave.

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