A trip to the theatre exposes students to new ideas, inspires their creativity and challenges them to think critically.

Vacation Care and Primary Schools: $20 tickets available for selected Family productions. *

High Schools: $20 group tickets are available for selected productions. *

Plus an additional FREE ticket is provided for teachers and vacation care workers for every 15 students booked in. 

School Details
Performance Name
Please enter the number of students and teachers that will be attending each performance you are interested in.
Show NamesNo. of StudentsNo. of Teachers
JUST Live on Stage - Thu 27 Aug - 10.30am
JUST Live on Stage - Thu 27 Aug - 1pm
JUST Live on Stage - Fri 28 Aug - 10.30am
JUST Live on Stage - Fri 28 Aug - 1pm
Additional Requirements
Please enter any additional booking requirements that the Box Office may need to know about. This may include details regarding mobility issues such as requiring a wheelchair or aisle seat, or a seat located closer to the doors.

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