A group of children smiling and doing a drama workshop against a pink background


Mon 15 Apr 2024



Show times

Mon 15 Apr - 10:00 am

A comprehensive course for committed young people. Develop performance skills including improvisation, voice and movement, devising, acting and rehearsing scenes.

NIDA Drama School Holiday Courses are now available to book and will be held at Glen Street Theatre.

Dates: 15-19 April

Ages: There are two courses available - one for Grades 3 - 6 and one for Grades 7 - 10.

Course components:

  • Ensemble: Work as part of a team to develop a shared creative vision.
  • Creative Voice: Assume a variety of roles in a creative development process to generate new ideas for a live presentation.
  • Spontaneity : Explore stories, ideas and narrative scene work through improvisation.
  • Stage Craft : Consider the elements that contribute to the physical realization of a performance.
  • Performance : Apply acting, voice and movement practice to a short, live presentation.
  • Voice : Introduction to how the voice works, exploration of fundamental vocal performance techniques.
  • Physical Awareness : Practice and apply fundamental movement technique for the actor including alignment, presence and spatial relationships.

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