The cast of Lumieres De Paris are shown from left to right Milko Foucault-Larche, a grey haired man smiling in a black tuxedo suit, Emily Garth a blonde haired woman in a peach ballgown gazing over her shoulder and Corrine Andrew, wearing a black shirt dress with her hand on her hip smiling at the camera. Next to her is a picture of the Eiffel Tower lit up at night.


Mon 03 Jun 2024


Glen Street Theatre

Show times

Mon 03 Jun - 11:00 am

A Morning Music Event

Starring Milko Foucault-Larche, Corrine Andrew and Emily Garth.

Lumières de Paris is a musical kaleidoscope exploring many musical genres with the common denominator being an exploration of French music is all it’s wonderful forms and sounds. It is a celebration of Paris, The City of Lights, or as some would say, The City of Love.

Audiences will be delighted to hear French adaptations of international works that have established themselves into the French repertoire, as well as European works with the lovely lights of Paris as a backdrop.

A combination of opera, operetta, musicals, and French variety is a musical treat for the ears. Without a doubt, this stunning concert offers an escape to another world...

Lumières de Paris at Glen Street Theatre will be the closing performance of The French Music Festival 2024 (held at various venues across NSW & VIC). It is also the Australian premiere – be the first to see this fabulous
new show!


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