All tickets at Glen Street are sold under a no refund policy but patrons are welcome to exchange their tickets within the same show run. i.e you are welcome to change your tickets to a new time or day of the same show. 

Please see a step-by-step guide below on how to swap your tickets. 

Please note that there is a $5.50 transaction free for any exchanges made online and $6.50 for any exchanges in person or over the phone. 


Step 1. Log in to your online account.


Step 2. Click the drop down menu in the right-hand corner of your page (the menu looks like three lines). Then click "My Tickets" and click "Exchange".

View All Ticket Inventory

Step 3. Click 'View all Ticket Inventory' at the bottom of the page. This will display all of your upcoming shows at Glen Street.

Ticket Inventory

Step 4. Once all of your upcoming events are displayed, select the event that you need a tickect exchange for.

Choose Your Seats

Step 5. All seats in your event will be displayed, select the seats your would like to exchange and click 'exchange' at the bottom of the page. 


Step 6. Ensure your chosen tickets are slected (indicated by a blue check-box) and click continue.


Step 7. Your tickets will be displayed for review. If you have selected the wrong tickets you can use this opotunity to click back and adjust your slection.

If you are happy with your selection click 'Find Eligible Events' at the bottom of your page. 

Event List

Step 8. You will be redirected to a page will all events that you can exchange into. Select the new event you would like to attend. 

Seating map

Step 9. Slecet your new seats on the seating map and click 'continue'


Step 10. You will be directed to a checkout where you can see your old tickets and your new tickets. You may need to enter your card details to make payment for the exchange fee. 

At this point, you can choose your ticket delivery method to receive your new tickets. Your new tickets will have a brand new barcode so it is essential you bring the new tickets to the show. Any old tickets will scan as invalid. 


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