A delightfully amusing and poignant play about the nature of marriage, the pursuit of happiness and the perfect foxtrot!

Wallflowering revolves around the lives of Peg and Cliff Small, an ordinary suburban middle-aged couple, who were once prize-winning ballroom dancers. Cliff now has dreams of becoming a writer, but can get no further than writing lists of clever book titles. Peg on the other hand, is no longer content to quietly, and unquestioningly, follow her husband. They are now out of step with each other.

In the swish of a taffeta skirt and slide of patent shoes, the audience is transported to a glorious and romantic vision of our champions as youngsters - perfectly synchronised, beautiful and extraordinary people.

Crafted by award-winning playwright Peta Murray and interspersed with performances from world-class ballroom dancers, this production will enchant and entertain you.

Opening Night: Wed 18 Aug 8pm.

Captioned: Thu 19 Aug 11am.


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