After 20 years of drumming up a storm, Taikoz bring their trademark high energy performance once again to Glen Street Theatre. Featuring all the unique drama, vibrancy and musicality that Taikoz is famous for, Taikoz Live! delves deeply into the roots of the taiko drum, but with a contemporary twist.
Taikoz, who celebrated their 20th anniversary year in 2017 and recently toured Australia and India to critical acclaim, are thrilled to return in 2018 with a brand new program.
From the roar of the grand odaiko drum and the soulful melodies of the bamboo flute, to the players’ dynamic movement to their joyful rhythm, this is a show that will surprise and delight audiences of all ages. Hear, feel, and see Taikoz plus their top students, as they form one mega-taiko group. Experience the dynamism, energy and passion, up close and personal.


Under 30
Child (under 16)