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They say nostalgia isn't what it used to be. Well, now it is! Remember when your parents disapproved of Tom Lehrer's disgraceful ditties heralding the end of civilization as we know it?  Then rejoice! Those catchy, subversive songs decried in Sydney and banned in Adelaide (phew!) are back with a wicked vengeance.

Mischievous and risque Glenn Amer, brilliantly aided and abetted by engaging young Julian Kuo (Broadway Bard, American Psycho, Hair and Fame) will have you dancing to The Masochism Tango, The Weiner Schnitzel Waltz and The Vatican Rag as you celebrate Oedipus Rex, Bright College Days, Lobachevsky, National Brotherhood Week, Hanukkah in Santa Monica and Smut before finally learning who go what from Agnes as you sing along with The Elements.  Sure, We'll All Go Together When We Go, but not before laughing out loud at the satirical genius of Harvard's bow-tied iconoclast and riotous rebel, Tom Lehrer. 


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